For 35 years Strasburger has been the choice of global oil brands, distressed assets managers, real estate lenders and private investors seeking a complete, turn-key retail management solution from the most experienced team in the industry.

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Strasburger offers site owners an industry-leading suite of retail site operations and management services that you can trust to improve your efficiency and profitability.


Labor is the retail industry’s #1 issue. Strasburger provides full labor management services including hiring, training, scheduling and managing all ongoing human resource needs.


If you own a retail business and need a state of the art accounting program but don’t want to spend the money or time, Strasburger can provide you with daily accounting services for one site or 300 sites.


Strasburger provides consulting and advising services directly to retail owners – providing them with the opportunity to leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to improve overall site efficiency and profitability.


Our Rapid Retail™ program is available for landowners and property managers who have vacant space in their strip center, malls and power centers.  Strasburger can turn vacant retail space into a vibrant customer experience.


Do you have an office building, apartment complex, or a college dorm that needs a professional retail offer for your employees, tenants, or residents? Strasburger offers a range of institutional solutions that will fid your needs and any building’s space restrictions.

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Our Mission

Strasburger values the trust you place in our ability to deliver every day on being the reliable and honorable stewards of your most valuable assets. The Strasburger family takes great pride in extending our 60- year heritage of expertise and passion for successful small format retailing to current and future generations of people who will protect and grow your investment.

– Roy Strasburger, President –

About us

Strasburger is a family business with over 35 years experience running small format retail stores and fuel sites nationally. We understand  “the art of retail” and our passion is now dedicated to providing our knowledge about how to successfully operate retail locations for companies (small or large) who don’t have the desire, expertise, or infrastructure to operate them.



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Looking At Your Store With Fresh Eyes

It’s happened to all of us. A visitor that you haven’t seen for years comes by to stay at your house for a couple of days. This is the home that you’ve lived in for several years and you are house proud. You clean it regularly. You even pick up the dirty laundry when you […]

The Importance of Pulling Together

As we all know, the last month has brought devastation to various parts of our country. Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Wildfires in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington state. Heat waves in New York and New Jersey. These natural events have had a huge impact on individuals, communities, and businesses. We operate stores in all […]

Training Day – Every Day

As we’ve expanded our operations over the last few months (we are currently operating sites in 9 states), I’ve been reminded how consistent training is so important to a successful operation and an engaged team.  It’s a topic that I keep coming back to on a regular basis – as you can see from my […]

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